Uber is Spying On You - Apple IPhone Users

The journalists The New York Times told about an interesting incident that occurred at the beginning of 2015. It appears, then Apple's CEO Tim Cook personally threatened the head of Uber Travis Kalanick that Uber app will be removed from the App Store, if Uber will not stop breaking the rules.

The publication says that the idea to fool Apple and circumvent the rules established by the company, there in the camp Uber 2014, when the service suffered from numerous cases of fraud. The fact that China and some other countries, the drivers began to massively buying stolen goods and a cheap iPhone in the secondary market and to create with them dozens of fake accounts. After crooks ordered with these trips and performs such bogus orders.

The problem was that Apple prohibits somehow keep track of your devices and to identify them after the removal of all data, or delete a specific application.

However, Uber developers still took a chance and together with the application the company began to implement in the iPhone users are small "tokens." Even after a complete reset the machine, these tags allow later identify specific iPhone and detect fraud.

Since this method violates the rights of Apple, Travis Kalanick proposed an original solution to the problem. He suggested that developers use geozonirovanie and obfuscate the application code, when it works at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, or somewhere nearby. In fact, Uber was not supposed to show Apple employees that he "ticks" user devices, in their presence, demonstrating good behavior.

Of course, all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent, and soon the Apple engineers who were outside Cupertino, noticed something suspicious and figured out what makes Uber app. Then, according to The New York Times, Tim Cook invited Travis Kalanick meet in person at the Apple office, and when the meeting took place, Cook reprimanded the head of Uber and warned that the application will be removed from the App Store, if Uber will not stop "tag" users of smartphones .

Uber representatives have already responded to the publication of The New York Times and deny the charges. Edition of The Verge Uber representative said that the company has never tried to track specific users after you uninstall an application.

Then Uber representatives were forced to apologize and promised to see to it that Greyball no longer used to lock the authorities.

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