Facebook Unable To Handle The Request Due To A Temporary Overload Or Scheduled Maintenance

Facebook had a scheduled maintenance today. The reason for this is still unknown, but the problem that the mass faced during this period is huge. The main aim behind facebook is connecting the world and it failed to serve its purpose and the twitter was full of questions whether the facebook has been DDOSed or it is some other mentainance for facebook. 

People around the globe said that they had a problem loading the facebook homepage between 0600 hours to 0700 hours. according to Down Detector

It is been noted that later the website was opening on some browser but it failed to open on google chrome.

 Opera Browser was also opening the website.

Mozilla Firefox was also able to open the facebook 

and not only that the facebook  choose to even show up on Internet explorer

Uptrend reports state that Amsterdam, London, Rome, Prague, Sao Paulo, Vancouver, Toronto were still facing an error to load the home page of facebook. 

As of now the facebook is back and started serving the purpose it was built for. 
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