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Hackers Take Down Baltimore 911 Dispatch System

Hackers figured out how to bring down piece of the 911 dispatch framework in Baltimore on Sunday morning, and administrators needed to process calls physically amid the blackout. 
A report from Baltimore Sun uncovers that the cyberattack was propelled on Sunday at 8:30 AM, and 911 and 311 crisis administrations were changed to manual mode until the point that 2 AM on Monday. 
It was only "a limited breach," Frank Johnson, cheif information officer in the Mayor's Office of Information Technology, was cited as saying, with just the PC supported dispatch (CAD) framework pushed disconnected. The FBI said it gave specialized help, and an examination is under approach to figure out what precisely happened and who may be in charge of the assault. 

"Rather than subtle elements of approaching guests looking for crisis bolster being handed-off to dispatchers electronically, they were handed-off by call focus bolster staff physically," Johnson said. 
Investigation is unde…