Official Message To The Readers of THE TIMES OF HACKER - "Say No to Defacement's"

Namaste! Good Morning,

Dear Readers ,

It is seen that the new security enthusiasts who step in the field of cyber security and hacking get a wrong message when they see the news of any website getting defaced. They get motivated by seeing this kind of news and they start doing the same,which is totally wrong.

Defacing  is not at all a good thing or a thing to be proud of. Rather it is illegal and punishable act. We don't  say that defacement's is the work of "n00bs"  but defacement's creates no good , it just leads to destruction.

Imagine a small businessman whose whole family depends on a single website and a notorious hacker just for fun defaces the website of that man. Just imagine how much loss/difficulties he will face in his life.

Say No To Defacements

THE TIMES OF HACKER never wants this kind of activity from the future generation.

The only message THE TIMES OF HACKER wants to give is don't deface websites, it is good for none.

Since new enthusiasts reads the defacement news and see that the guy gets fame and name in the particular field which is totally wrong . THE TIMES OF HACKER has decided to remove all the news of defacement's and won't publish any  defacement news in the future .

Do those things that gives a smile to everyone face, if you are able to do that you are a true hacker. 
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