Police of Argentina Arrests Teen Hacker Under Operation Zombie

19 year old hacker (i.e. "the superhacker") arrested by Police of Argentina . He is accused for leading a gang of hackers who targeted international money transfer and gambling websites. He used to make a profit of around $50 000 or £31,500 per month.

The entire neighborhood power was shut down to make sure that none of the sensitive data gets deleted .

Police officials says,  it took them a year to close in on the teenager.

He lived with his father, a computer expert, in Buenos Aires. Police believe the suspect was part of a six-strong gang which planted viruses on a gaming site which infected the computers of website visitors.

The official head found high tech computers in the kids room.

Its said that the teenager used malware attacks to control network of infected computers ,which were then used to illegally divert money from accounts leaving virtually no trace behind.

He was initially detained at his home in Buenos Aires in July as part of "Operation Zombie," which included five raids in the capital and the city of Rosario, 300km north, the Security Ministry reported on Friday.

Teenager is accused for three crimes and if convicted he will be behind bars for 10 years or so.
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