Saturday, 2 August 2014

c0c0n | International Cyber Security And Policing Conference

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About c0c0n

c0c0n, also known as the CyOps Con, is an annual event organized as part of the International Information Security Day. c0c0n is a two day International Information Security Conference which is organised and hosted by Kerala (India) State Police, along with the society for the Policing of Cyberspace (i.e. POLCYB) which is a not-for-profit society based in British Columbia incorporated with their goal to prevent and combat crimes in cyberspace and ISRA(i.e. Information Security Research Association ).


c0c0n is aimed at providing a platform to discuss, showcase, educate, understand and spread awareness on the latest trends in information / cyber security and hi-tech attacks and crimes. It also aims to provide a hand-shaking platform for various corporate, government organizations including the various investigation agencies, academia, research organizations and other industry leaders and players for better co-ordination in making the cyber world a better and safe place to be. The conference is split into two tracks, Track 1 dedicated for Law Enforcement's, Cyber Governance, Digital Forensics and investigative aspects of Cyber Space with this year’s major themes being:
  • Cyber Terror
  • Counter Terror in the Cyber World
  • Free Software for Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Digital strategies for prevention and detection of crimes against women
Track 2 concentrates on the Technical, research and management aspects of Information & Cyber Security and Critical Information National Infrastructure.

c0c0n Conference related Information

  • Date of Conference ( DoC ) : 
    • Pre Conference : 21 Aug 2014
    • Conference : 22-23 Aug 2014
  • Location : Kochi, India
  • Speakers List
  • Keynote Speaker : Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam & Mr. Eric Filiol
  • Workshop Details 
  • Registration E-mail:  
c0c0n is doing great in spreading awareness about cyber crimes and there workshops are worth to attend. Every time they come up with something new, so lets what what they are going to come up with this time Thumps up for the effort of c0c0n Team.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

List of All Bug Bounty Programs

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In present time, "H4ck3rs" word brings a lot of negative taught and the general public have now started getting scared of the term "H4ck3rs". And now a days novice hackers who gets Ethical Hackers so called training feel that now they have only one path to move on and that is the wrong path where they can become black path. But, there is very bright future for the H4ckers.

One path for the present generation to show there skills is Bug Bounties Programs, instead of defacing innocent people's website whose whole family relies on that particular website, just for fun.

Many novices hackers find it hard that where to find the bugs and where they can report the bugs they found and also they don't know how to submit the website.

Today we are going to tell you  every thing about bug bounties and all the bug bounty programs that are there in WWW.

Some of the bounty programs gives rewards & Hall of Fame, some give only reward, some include the bounty hunters into there Hall of Fame and give Swags too, some gives space in there Hall of Fame only and some just give away swag and no hall of Fame.



Active Campaign

Active Prospect




  Amazon Web Services










Constant Contact


And many more will be updated soon....
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