Monday, 14 April 2014

Hack In Paris : The Leading IT Security Technical Event

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One of the unique event that concentrates on both training and conference. Where all the geeks get together and share their knowledge, Yes  we are talking about Hack In Paris. the only event in all france with such an idea and is running successfully for past 3 years, and once again Hack In Paris is here to rock you .

In 2013, more than 400 attendees took part in this international IT security technical event.

These 5 days corporate event will be held for the fourth time in Marne la Vallée, France. Hack In Paris will let its attendees discover the concrete reality of hacking, and its consequences for companies. The program includes the state of the art of IT security, industrial espionage, penetration testing, physical security, forensics, malware analysis, and countermeasures.

Hack In Paris will be held from 23rd to 27th of June 2014 at Disneyland Paris, and will be divided in two parts:
  • June 23rd to 25th : three days of trainings by three security officers (CISOs, CIOs) and technical experts
  • June 26th to 27th : talks given by a variety of international speakers and highly technical experts
Hack In Paris is organized by Sysdream.

After This amazing event ie Hack In Paris they have one more event named “Nuit Du Hack”that will occur on June 28th at the same place. 

It is the exponential success of Nuit Du Hack in France, combined with the care of companies’ expectations as well as a look on the evolution of American events that lead us to build a corporate event this year. Hack In Paris aims at becoming France’s leading IT security event, pretty much like Black Hat in the U.S.” said, Olivier Franchi and Paolo Pinto.

So what are you waiting for readers, Its the time to share and gain knowledge and make more friends.  Join this event . 
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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Official Message To The Readers of THE TIMES OF HACKER - "Say No to Defacement's"

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Dear Readers ,

It is seen that the new security enthusiasts who step in the field of cyber security and hacking get a wrong message when they see the news of any website getting defaced. They get motivated by seeing this kind of news and they start doing the same,which is totally wrong.

Defacing  is not at all a good thing or a thing to be proud of. Rather it is illegal and punishable act. We don't  say that defacement's is the work of "n00bs"  but defacement's creates no good , it just leads to destruction.

Imagine a small businessman whose whole family depends on a single website and a notorious hacker just for fun defaces the website of that man. Just imagine how much loss/difficulties he will face in his life.

Say No To Defacements

THE TIMES OF HACKER never wants this kind of activity from the future generation.

The only message THE TIMES OF HACKER wants to give is don't deface websites, it is good for none.

Since new enthusiasts reads the defacement news and see that the guy gets fame and name in the particular field which is totally wrong . THE TIMES OF HACKER has decided to remove all the news of defacement's and won't publish any  defacement news in the future .

Do those things that gives a smile to everyone face, if you are able to do that you are a true hacker. 
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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hackers Get Your Team Ready For Global CyberLympics

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Hackers! A great platform for you to show your skills at an international level , Global CyberLympics a event going to be organized world wide from 8 June 2013 . Global CyberLympics is an online ethical hacking competition dedicated to finding the top computer network defense teams.

Global CyberLympics pits teams from all over the world to compete in a series of Forensics, Penetration Testing, Computer Network Defense, and Capture the Flag competitions.

Global CyberLympics

The teams are split into continent format, teams compete to represent Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Africa in the world. Teams from each continent with the highest score are the winners. Those winning teams get the opportunity to call their country the champion of their continent, as well as the opportunity to compete at the live Global CyberLympics World Finals event.

Those team competing can have minimum of 4 and maximum 6 players . Each rounds is of 3 hours and the finals are of 6 hours . The fee for registering in Global CyberLympics .

You can get the schedule for Global CyberLympics from here.
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Monday, 6 May 2013

Hack In Paris Invites All The Hackers of The World

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Hackers, its time to have a get together with the like minded security professionals of the world . Hack In Paris is going to be organized in Paris, France . 

Hack In Paris  started in 2011 is coming with its third edition as its last year's event was a big success last year . 

Hack In Paris will start from 17th June and will end on 21st of June. The event will take place at the Conference Center of Disneyland Paris, France.

Hack In Paris

There will be three days training from 17th to 19th of June and two days talks (i.e) on 20th and 21st of June. 

Many international speakers will be presenting there Papers in the Event . 


And after the professional meet of Hack In Paris there is an event on 22nd of June namely NUIT DU HACK 2013, (i.e. NIGHT OF HACK 2013). 


Initiated in 2003 by Hackerz Voice team, and inspired by the famous DEF CON conference, the "Hack Night" is one of the oldest underground hacking conference speaking. About conferences, workshops and contests, Nuit Du Hack aims to bring together professionals in computer security and hackers, regardless of their skill levels. They come to discover the latest technical advances in the field and assess their skills. To improve the quality and accessibility of this event.
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